What an inspiration

In July we had a very special rider: Shevonne has only 40 % eye sight, legally blind. She wanted to do our Halfday tour guided by her boyfriend. It was quite a surprising for us to see Shevonne with her blind stick at the pickup point.
When she asked us whether she could do the trip since she is riding a bike at home we told her let’s see how you feel after the practice area and on the first stage. She mastered it while having a lot of fun. We decided to give the 2nd longer stage a go. There was a point when she wanted to give up but didn’t at the end. And to see her happy face when we arrived in the village for a visit in the olive oil museum and tasting olive oil what an inspiration. Not to give up, to be interested in discovering and very optimistic and happy….. Thank you very much for being on our tour, Shevonne!