Spring is in the air!


Finally, the temperatures are over 20° C, the almonds and many flowers are blooming. Everywhere you here the birds, the parrots seem to be especially happy and the air is filled with sweet scent of the almond blossoms. The bars have their tables outside and everybody is eager to leave the house. So are we.

We can’t wait for the new season to start and to be in the mountains with you. Check out the changes we did: we added a new tour and we now start a little bit later to give you some extra time for breakfast. We decided not to do the tours in the afternoons anymore instead we want to give you the time to experience the local villages a bit more.

The weather is so nice and Easter at a good time we are happy to start our season early at the 1st of April. If you are one of the early birds here enjoying the spring come join us for a fantastic ride thrue the mountains. And if you come later we are here waiting for you.

So don’t hesitate BOOK NOW!